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This is a partial list of the songs written by Geo.

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5'9"/Plastic Jesus notes YouTube T-shirt DVD - -
Agnostic's Thanksgiving notes - - - mp3 bc
Airport Security Blues notes - T-shirt DVD mp3 bc
Amish Thunder Road notes YouTube - DVD - bc
Family Values notes - T-shirt - mp3 bc
Here's to the Brothers notes - - DVD - bc
If You Meet the Buddha notes - T-shirt - mp3 bc
Metro notes YouTube T-shirt DVD - bc
Oh, Frankenfood! notes YouTube T-shirt - - bc
Put It On My Card notes - - - - bc
Santa Claus Is Coming notes - - - mp3 bc
Sixteen Hours notes - T-shirt DVD mp3 -
Smokin' of the Green notes YouTube - DVD - bc
Talkin' Teabaggin' Politician Blues notes - T-shirt - mp3 -
Thanks a Lot, Australia notes - - - mp3 bc
There's No Covers Here Tonight notes - - - mp3 bc
There's No Covers Here Tonight Reprise notes - - - mp3 bc
Tower Number Seven notes - T-shirt - - bc
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